Backpack with solar charger for mobile phones

This backpack's solar panel is powerful enough to fully charge an iphone only by sunpower ! Our tests has shown that it's 5 Watts solar panel can completely charge an iPhone in 5 and a half hour. Most chargers claims to have a performance close to that, but in reality they will not even make the battery 20% charged in the same amount of time that ours gives 100% ! Test it yourself ! 

With this backpack you will not have the need to stop anywhere to charge your phone. 

Comes with a 5 V USB output so that it can charge most kinds of mobile phones, cameras and other kinds of electronic devices. 

Size : 48*36*20CM

Weight : 2250 g

Peak power supplied by photocell : 5 Watts - 1000 mA 

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is donating 5 percent of our profits to this organizations work to save the lives of orphaned Elephants and Rhinos