Finally ! Solar chargers that can supply enough power

to charge mobile phones and even tablets ! 

Most of the solar chargers out there hasn't even a solar panel of 1 watt - some has only 0,125 W - others do not disclose the important information "peak power supplied by photocell" but you can see from the size of the panel that it's only a joke. A bad one. But instead of getting frustrated by trying to charge your phone with those, have a look at our selection instead and compare ! 

Most chargers comes with an internal battery that could also be charged by your pc. Do not confuse this source of current with the power that comes from the solar panel ! If you look for an extra battery - this : 

could be good enough, but it falls far short of making you self-sufficient only from sunpower. has conducted extensive testing of solar chargers that confirms the importance of the size of the solar panel and it's conversion factor. From this research we have chosen some top manufacturers and developed a range of chargers that are easy to handle and efficient. We recommend that the charger should yield at least 5 Watts to charge an iPhone and 10 Watts to charge an iPad. 

On average, a square meter in bright sun in Oslo in july and august has this effect in Watts : (this has to be muliplied by the solar panels conversion factor which is usually 16%) : 

Time (CET) :    July August 
06:35   127 75
07:35   304 233
08:35   500 425
09:35   684 613
10:35   834 768
11:35   933 872
12:35   972 913
13:35   949 888
14:35   864 799
15:35   725 656
16:35   548 474
17:35   353 280
18:35   168 109
19:35   55 32

Source : Joint Research Centre of the European Commission -

Written by Einar Haugland — July 29, 2012

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